I’m one of them. I walked into a CVS near my house today and essentially told them that I’m a healthy man in my early twenties with no health conditions or other circumstances that would prioritize me, but that I’d like to get vaccinated if they had any doses left over. They gave me a vaccine within just a couple minutes and scheduled by second dose right there, it was so nice.

I got them a little box of Munchkins from the Dunkin’ across the street as thanks. They seemed very happy. This is all so uplifting, I’m too young to have experienced the end of a serious war but it definitely feels like the end of something terrible for the whole country, it’s great.

I’m a very unapologetic narcissist so I naturally felt the need to record myself getting vaccinated, which seemed to amuse the very nice woman giving me the shot. It was an overall great experience, I’m happy I’ll be fully vaccinated before the Summer, I think most people in the country will be able to say the same.


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