Statistically speaking, a child is most at risk in the family house.

  • Death by accidental gunshot.

  • Sexual abuse, incest, by a family member (step-parent, parents, siblings, step-siblings).

  • Sexual abuse by a person close to the family (extended family member, friend of the family, babysitter).

  • Child pornography offenses, 75% of images of sexual abuse are created in the house the child or the abuser lives in and parents, step-parents are usually responsible.

  • Self-produced child pornography, sexting happens most often in the house the child lives in.

  • Physical and psychological abuse, neglect, malnutrition.

  • Abuse resulting from sectarian or religious belief.

  • Violent death at the hand of a parent or estranged parent with some rare cases of death by sibling.

Strangers account for less than 10% of all cases of child sexual abuse (victims of all ages) including internet luring which accounts for 1.2% of all cases of sexual abuse against a child reported to police.

Strangers also account for less than 5% of child death, maltreatment and violence towards children below 9 yo.


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