I love that all these righteous protesters are acting like Jacob Blake is a victim and a saint.

He had the police called on him for sexually abusing a woman. A black woman, no less, (where were the BLMers then? Nowhere, because apparently her voice didn’t matter).

Then he resists arrest and gets shot, because that’s what happens when you resist arrest and go for a knife… you get shot… and rightfully so.

Then Kamala tells a sexual predator who resisted arrest that she’s proud of him.

Way to go guys… way to go.

How about you get your shit together before shitting on a cop who did exactly as he was trained to do. A knife is a deadly weapon. Police training (and common sense) says you use a deadlier weapon, lest a taser fail (which they do all the time), or he get stabbed… by a sexual predator and a criminal with no respect for the law, those who enforce it, or women, or black women.

Go on, downvote me too. You only give me more power.


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