Good. This has been such bs. Especially from anyone who has ever been one of those types talking up how important our kids are, how important their education is.

We all take for granted our devices and internet connections. We all think everyone has it. And while most people do. Not everyone does. Our lives are lived not thinking about it. There’s all of us that can do everything we want online. And those that can’t. For whatever reason but usually being an affordability issue. The middle to upper class and the lower class. That separation.

But in public school. Everyone is mixed together. Everyone needs to be treated as equal. Then everyone panicked closed schools. Do it all on Zoom. No one cared about these kids of which there are millions across the country. No one paid them a single thought. No one cared they didn’t have access. No one. I work in public schools (not a teacher). Some of these kids, the only food they get is what they get free at school. That’s how bad off a lot of them are. And this is in SoCal mind you. I can’t imaging how terrible it is in rural areas. Those kids don’t have an online connection at home. They don’t have computers. And no one cared. They were expendable. And it’s sickening. It is downright detestable. At my two districts Jan ’21 compared to Jan ’20. There has been a 14% and 17% drop out rate. Gone. They simply haven’t returned. Everyone got passed at the end of last year to they weren’t even keeping track in the spring of ’20. And everyone’s passing again. They made that decision in Feb. Just pass everyone. They don’t want to deal with or discuss the pandora’s box they opened. Worry about it all later is the attitude. An entire generation of kids whose education has been irreparably damaged.

And sure it’s great we’re getting kids back. But only a few. The younger grades and only a few days at a time.

And what really pushes me over the edge with all of it is that the reason we haven’t just gone back is because of the damn teacher unions here . No one wants to hear it for whatever reason. But it’s all them. It’s not, oh we’re worried about this or that, our health and exposure, etc. And it sure as hell isn’t a concern for the kids. They’ve made it abundantly clear they don’t give one damn about them. And not all of them. Don’t jump down my throat about that. It’s not all but most. From what I’ve seen it’s most. They don’t want to come back. It’s like vacation. Full pay, no kids, no parents, short days. For ever story you hear out there about some teacher at their wits end trying to do all they can. There’s two teachers that want this to go on forever. And they’ll give any excuse to keep it going. Their health, vaccinations, etc.

Yeah I know this’ll go over like a lead balloon. But it’s just so frustrating and sickening to see.


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