Or just stop trying to control this shit. If they captured 2%, I’d be surprised. That’s just one city. Every city has every drug. They have for many, many decades.

So we waste more money on cops, judges, lawyers, DEA, Coast Guard, Jails, Courthouses, etc… and it never even slows down the flow of drugs because they’ll just increase output to compensate for whatever they’re losing.

That’s all money that we could be using to give people better lives, so that they have something in their lives worth living besides cheap drugs/alcohol. There’s too many people living far below poverty lines to give cops another helicopter, crew + fuel + maint + storage budget to fly around looking for drugs, when it’s fucking everywhere and can be easily found on foot.

The people that are hurt so cops can have toys to fight sociopath drug dealers we’re making ultra-rich and ultra-powerful… It’s fucking disgusting.


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