The child suffers from a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Yes, she’s one of “Jerry’s Kids.”

She lives in Denmark, which has free healthcare for its citizens, but the experimental treatment is not approved under Denmark’s (or any other country with free healthcare’s) system, so she’ll have to go to that “evil country with an uncaring healthcare system” otherwise known as the United States to get the treatment.

Since she lives in a country that provides exceptional medical treatment for free, she has no insurance, so while the treatment is available in the US she will have to pay full price. EMTALA does not cover foreign nationals entering the country for the purpose of medical treatment (aka “medical tourists”).

Luckily, the US hasn’t adopted a “free healthcare for all” system like Denmark. If it had, she wouldn’t be able to get the treatment anywhere.

EDIT: Judging by the downvotes, a lot of people don’t like it being pointed out that the treatment is not available in Denmark, which is typically used as the poster-child for national healthcare.


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