Sharjah: A Indian woman has regained the custody of her six-year-old son after it was proved that her former husband had forged a marriage certificate in the woman’s name to show that she had remarried.

The 35-year-old Indian woman is an employee of a government department in Sharjah. She was accused by her former husband that she remarried after he divorced her and demanded custody of their six-year-old son.

To prove his point, the man submitted to the court a marriage certificate issued by a court in India. The woman was shocked to see the document.

Based on the marriage contract, the judge of Sharjah Sharia Court granted the custody of her son to his father.

However, the forgery soon came to light as the woman’s lawyer, Abdullah Sulyman, showed the court that the woman was in the UAE on the date of her purported marriage as shown in the fake certificate. This evidence was based on the entry and exit stamps on her passport. These stamps showed that the woman did not go to India for the last two years.

It was also proved that the ex-husband solicited the help of a court employee in India to get the forged certificate.

was able to approve that the marriage contract was fake one and it was issued in cooperation with a person in India, who worked in the court.

On the basis of the evidence, the ruling was appealed. The Appeals Court rejected the father’s plea to take away the custody of the child from the mother.


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