CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Three Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD teachers are on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations inappropriate language about Asian Americans was used on a secondary social studies test.

In a statement, the school district said it values its diverse community of learners and staff. Furthermore, “Actions or language disrespecting any people group are not acceptable and do not represent our core belief system.”

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According to their statement, the words used on the test question were derogatory and hurtful.

The district also said it had recently launched a diversity training initiative for staff. They also will enhance training opportunities in an effort to create a more inclusive and respectful environment.

Joy Lim is a 21-year old college student who happened to be sitting near her Blalack middle 6th grade sister, while she took her social studies quiz online from home.

Lim says her sister showed her the quiz question at the center of the controversy.

Lim tweeted a picture of the question asking about Chinese Norms and offering bizarre and offensive options for answers.

Lim tells CBS 11 she was shocked and upset to see it.

Lim said, “That question was a disgusting discriminatory question and even the answer choices were just ridiculous.”

The three teachers linked to the quiz that was administered have been placed on administrative leave while the Carrollton Farmer Branch ISD officials conduct their investigation.

Meanwhile, Lim says she sees this as another attempt to attack to Asian Americans who recently have seen in uptick in attacks against people in their community.

She said, “It hurts that the influence is starting at such a young age for bias and racial discriminatory remarks and thoughts.”

The Superintendent released a video message on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

The Association of Chinese Professionals in DFW is also condemning the quiz material and issued the following statement:

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We strongly condemn the derogatory language and descriptions used to describe Asian Americans in a Social Study quiz at Carrollton-Farmers-Branch ISD. Such language is demeaning and hurtful, not only to Asian Americans, but to any minority group. Our nation is at a crossroad. There is an alarming surge in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans. CFBISD, like all the other school districts in the region, should promote understanding and acceptance of diversity and differences among its students and staff. Instead, they allowed this to occur. Although a short statement was issued by CFBISD, it fails to address the root cause of the incident, and it fails to make an official apology to the students, their families, and the entire community who were hurt by the language. We call on CFBISD to issue a full public apology to the students and their families, and to demonstrate in concrete steps how they plan on addressing race issues and race relations in the district.


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