Four strangers are now inextricably linked after a crime, Amber Alert, and desperate search brought them all together.

“What’s your name?” asked Elizabeth Grisby who’s daughter less than 48hrs before had been kidnapped.

“Donnie,” said one of the men who found the little girl.

“I’m Liz,” replied the mother.

“I’m Michael,” said the other man who found the little girl.

“Michael nice to meet you,” said Elizabeth.

And in the most unlikely of circumstances.

“Thank you so much you guys, thank you so much, so, so, so, so much,” said Elizabeth.

“I thank god,” said Donnie.

On Thursday morning Elizabeth Grisby’s worst nightmare came true when her 1-year-old daughter, Royalty, was kidnapped when thieves stole her car.

“I don’t care about my car; I just want my baby back,” Elizabeth said at a police press conference Thursday.

Police caught the car thief and found the car, but no baby. After a frantic 13 hour search, little Royalty was found by two men who’d driven from an hour away in Hampton to help search for little Royalty.

“She was screaming, I locked on breaks, and I knew it was her,” said Donnie.

The duo was happy to find Royalty after her mom began fearing the worst as the search continued throughout part of the afternoon.

“I was actually thinking the worst to be honest because they had found the truck,” said Elizabeth.

Royalty was treated to a new teddy by Donnie and Michael and gave the two men high-fives. Everyone was so happy that what started as a nightmare, now, has a happy ending.

“Yesterday was just a scary situation and today you see her happy with her mother reunited once again, so you know thank God,” said Donnie.

Police have not given any details on who else was involved in the kidnapping.


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